Benefits of Serving with RCE

RCE is a service oriented mission agency that strives to make your service on the mission field as effective, stress-free and inexpensive as possible while ensuring all of your needs as an international missionary are met. In short, we work hard to make your ministry with your partner school as successful as possible!Teaching and serving at an international Christian school is a special calling in life. It requires dedication and commitment and a special mission organization behind you is necessary. RCE has a single-minded focus on the special needs of international Christian school teachers and staff. That’s why we’ve put in place a set of services that frees teachers to teach and support staff to serve. Even better, we provide these services for the lowest possible fees. There’s a reason why more and more missionaries serving cross culturally prefer to go with RCE.  Here’s a summary of the benefits of serving through RCE:

  • Speedy acceptance of new staff
  • Rapid transition to ministry location
  • Thank you letters on donation receipts that can be written by you
  • Reminders to pledged donors when donations are missed
  • Timely donation receipting (typically within two days of receipt)
  • Multiple giving methods for donors
  • Online missionary account access (soon to include smart phone interface)
  • Excellent global health insurance coverage
  • Retirement plan in place
  • US bill payment for missionaries
  • Secondment of missionaries to partner school so that you’re not burdened by duplicate requirements of your school and the mission agency
  • Continual development of services and benefits that meet your needs while on the mission field
  • RCE only serves international Christian schools and their expatriate staff, so we have systems and procedures in place to meet your unique needs
  • A focus on you and helping make your ministry a success!


Following is a detailed description of some of the services and benefits specifically targeted for our staff.  For more information, please click to view the [RCE Teacher Brochure].

Donation and Receipting Related Services

Giving OptionsRCE provides donors with several different
methods they can use to give: check, online credit card donations, automatic Electronic Fund Transfers that “pull” the donation from bank accounts, or even giving stock. RCE will continue to open new options for donors as well.

Rapid ReceiptingTimeliness is important, so all receipts for donations are sent to donors within a few days of receiving a gift. The mailing includes a receipt and a tear-off portion with an envelope for their next donation.

Personalized Thank You LettersSince donors love hearing from “their” missionary, RCE provides the opportunity for each missionary to write a personalized “thank you” text on the receipts that go to their donors each month. This is a great way to stay in regular contact with churches and donors, communicating prayer points and ministry updates. Although we don’t encourage use of this in place of regular newsletters, it is another point of contact with donors. It is so much more effective than a generic thank you note from RCE, which will be provided on receipts if staff choose not to write a personalized receipt note.

“Committed Donor” RemindersAt times, pledged donors forget to send their donation. As requested by our staff, we send a gentle reminder to all donors who are flagged as “committed donors” in our donor database, but who have forgotten to give in a particular month. This mailing is similar to their regular receipt, but a small note on the return portion indicates what they’ve pledged to give and in what frequency. This is sent within the first week of the month after they have missed a donation. Our staff has found it to be helpful to stay on track with donors.

Online Account InformationWe have an online donation site where staff can view their RCE Ministry Account that includes donations, ministry account balance, full donor information, new donors, lapsed donors, and other information that can be viewed in a variety of ways. This site is updated once per week. Soon this information will be available in a smart phone friendly format as well, convenient when “on the go.”

Additional Benefits

RetirementRCE offers a 401k retirement plan that staff can pay into, either pre- or post-income tax. They have full control of these monies in their retirement plan and can direct how funds are invested.

Health InsuranceOur health insurance plan is very competitively priced with a low deductible and excellent coverage. The plan provides global coverage, including when staff are in the US for furlough or for a longer period of time. It provides all the coverage a missionary needs while overseas (ie. – emergency repatriation),

Online ResourcesOur website has a secure staff-only area where missionaries can access important information and documents for their ministry.

Account PayablesRCE can handle up to 4 “payables” for a staff member so that their bills get paid when they are on the mission field (ie – IRA, student loan, mortgage). We do this prior to cutting their paycheck. This helps free them up from worries of trying to mail personal checks from around the world.

QualityIf we make a mistake, we want staff members and the school to hold us accountable to the highest quality of service. We strive to ensure we do our job well so that you have no worries while on the mission field. When a mistake is made, we work diligently to correct it and make it up to you for the inconvenience.

Staff CareWe also work on creative ways of providing staff “appreciation gifts” from interest income, credit card “points,” airline miles, or other sources so that we can provide a little bit of encouragement to our team. RCE has employees who have served on the mission field for many years, and we know how appreciation from the “home office” can impact people.

Other ideas? Let us know!

RCE is very open to offering new services and benefits to schools and staff. Nothing is “outside of the box” for us. We regularly send out staff surveys to see how we are doing in meeting expectations and to invite ideas for new benefits or services to make a missionary’s life better while on the mission field. God has called RCE to serve you and we will do all that we can to make your ministry a success.